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Modular. Scalable. Sustainable.

The Wave by Viviv Design is a pioneering sustainable architecture solution tailored for hospitality and tourism. It offers scalable, eco-friendly building concepts crafted by renowned Finnish architects and engineers. These designs merge top-tier aesthetics with a strong environmental commitment, serving eco-conscious businesses and individuals without sacrificing quality or design standards. Our buildings are thoughtfully designed for commercial use, delivering bespoke solutions that align with our clients’ unique requirements. Through innovative design and sustainable material sourcing, we’re reshaping the hospitality and tourism construction landscape.

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our services.


Site Assessment

Each project starts with a site assessment to understand site conditions as well as how to create the core for architectural design purposes.

Architectural and Technical Design

Our architects and engineers customise the product to meet each of our clients’ needs.


The entire building, including elements and MEP installations, is prefabricated in a factory-controlled environment.


The finished product is then transported from factory to site.

Assembly Guidance

We support you throughout the building process by providing instructions and supervision with our team of professionals on site.

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reasons to work with us

Nurturing an appreciation for sustainable construction.

All products in The Wave’s construction solutions are low carbon. We use renewable building materials, efficiently utilising our raw resources to ensure zero waste. Our clients can breathe easy in each of our spaces for more reasons than one. Solid wood improves the building’s indoor air quality by regulating humidity, while ensuring the best use of our sustainable construction solutions.

Predictability and control over every construction project.

Final timelines and costs of construction projects are difficult to predict. However, with The Wave’s processes, planning is made much simpler through ready-made solutions that are tailored to suit your needs. This means that timelines and budgets are firmed up well ahead of time.

Minimised building requirements.

The Wave’s materials are durable yet lightweight enough that they can be placed on water or on the roof of an existing building, completely eliminating the need to have a dedicated construction site. Requirements for foundations also mean that the building can be located and constructed almost anywhere.

Revered high-end architecture and completely original design.

With the beautiful and distinctive look-and-feel of our functional spaces, The Wave’s designs help our clients and their businesses make a meaningful impression.

Contact us

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have about our product. We’re here to give you all the information you need to make a smart choice and take full advantage of everything our amazing product has to offer. So whether you’re curious about our features, pricing, or availability, we’re always happy to help. We look forward to hearing from you!

Maarit Sinikangas

SALES | co-founder

+358 45 319 3796

Image of Janne Taskinen

Janne Taskinen

Project manager | co-founder

+358 45 356 3679

Image of Risto huttunen

Risto Huttunen

Lead architect | co-founder

+358 45 319 3796

Image of Santeri Lipasti

Santeri lipasti

Lead architect | co-founder

+358 40 578 5547

Maarit Sinikangas


+358 45 319 3796 maarit@vivivdesign.com

Image of Janne Taskinen

Janne Taskinen


+358 45 356 3679 janne@vivivdesign.com

Image of Risto huttunen


Lead Architect

+358 45 319 3796 risto.huttunen@h–l.fi

Image of Santeri Lipasti

Santeri Lipasti

Lead Architect

+358 40 578 5547 santeri.lipasti@h–l.fi


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